The Freedom Summit is a sisters-only weekend together full of anointed time with the Lord. Everything will focus on leading women back to wholeness, to restore and redeem what has been and is broken.



“Inner healing is for the unbelieving heart of the believer.” This is what Pastor Faith said to us as we commenced the Freedom Summit weekend. Although I have been a Christian my entire life and have been serving the church for many years, this was the first inner healing retreat I have attended. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very excited. I was aware of all the deeply rooted sins and heart issues, which I needed God to address. Sure enough, God met me in the short forty eight hours we had away from home. Through teaching, reflection, inner healing exercises, small group times, worship and prayer, I received fullness of joy, peace like a river, and love which knows no bounds.

Not only did the Freedom Summit lead me through some incredible inner healing moments, I have made some eternal kingdom connections with some of the sisters I met through this time. He walked me through areas of my life that prevented me from going deeper with Him and I left this weekend almost feeling like I was “born again.” There have been so many revelations and gifts poured out in this short time to which I am grateful for to Abba, and also to the Honor Summit Team for dreaming, praying and leading this anointed retreat.

Sherrie, Freedom Summit 2019 Attendee


Freedom Summit
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